Maritz Travel - "Thanks to you and your staff for your help in making the Toro program a huge success! No wonder why you have been in business so long. Your entire staff were fabulous, hardworking, and always there to handle a question, make a suggestion, or handle a need. I heard so many nice comments about your staff and the job they did"

Maritz Travel - "Had you all not been outstanding, I, nor Maritz, would have been viewed as outstanding by Nissan. Your excellent care is what helped us all to shine. I am deeply appreciative of the partnership that Maritz has for so long cherished with ITC"

Maritz Travel - "I just wanted to thank you for all the hardwork and dedication while our group was on-site in Sicily, Florence and Rome. You and your team do an amazing job on the Honda program and we always know a program operated by ITC will be a huge success - just as this one was!"

Corporate Rewards - "Thanks to you and your team for a great job in Rome. Your effort and hard work was without question fantastic"

AIMIA - "Wow....... Great job on the recently concluded Toyota Dealer Incentive Cruise! Everything worked like clockwork and your staff did an excellent job! I really appreciate all the attention to detail, the great attitude of all the staff and most of all the passion for doing a professional job"

ITA Group - "Once again, we continue to receive outstanding comments on the Canon program... Looking beyond the obvious, the real difference in the success of this program was Vittorio Marsiglio and the staff from Intercontinental Travel. It was your creativity and ability to executive that turned a quality program into an experience that will not soon be forgotten"

Effective Business Travel - "Thanks for the outstanding service that you provided throughout for the Fujitsu guests and hosts during our recent stay in Rome. I can honestly say that in 18 years of taking thousands of guests all over the world we have rarely experienced the levels of personal attention, dedication and professionalism that you delivered during our event."

Toyota Public Affairs Manager - "I want to record my thanks for a job very well done..."

Canon - "It will be a long time before I forget the wonderful people, delicious food and wine and the beautiful city of Rome..."

Philips - "It is always a pleasure to associate with someone as professional and knowlegable as yourself..."

Unisys - "Your partecipation and professionalism was very important to the success of this event..."

Maritz Travel - "A short note of thanks for all your excellent assistance with the Mobil Oil Group in Venice..."

Prudential - "You and your team did an excellent job in looking after the group, taking care of all functions..."

Meetings and Events - "Thank you for the wonderful trip. Our Westinghouse guests are still raving about the first-class treatment they received in Italy..."

The Travel Organization - "BP Forum in Sorrento was outstanding!..."

SmithKline Beecham Manager - "I worked for SmithKline Beecham for more than thirty years; I've never met as good as you..."

General Motors Advertising and Sales Promotion Director - "I thank you for an extraordinary experience in Italy..."

Abbey Life Convention Manager - "I wish to thank you for the excellence and professional job you and your colleagues did for Abbey Life..."

Ford Contest and Incentive Manager - "I just had to write to tell you what a fantastic job you did for our Ford dealers on their trip to Italy..."

ITA Group Vice President - "I would like to recognize the outstanding job that ITC did on the recent Motorola program... as you know, I have worked with numerous DMCs around the world; in my opinion the service level I have experience from ITC is the best..."

Trane CMP - "Just a quick note to tell you how much we appreciate all your help in making our incentive trip such a huge success..."

Nissan USA - "I just want to let you know that we had a fabulous trip to Italy... I certainly appreciate all of your help and assistance..."

IDL Marketing Ltd. for SONY - "It was a pleasure for us to work with ITC and will certainly look to do so again in the future... your team worked with ours in a very professional co-operative and friendly manner"

American Express Sales and Support Manager - "Thanks for doing such a terrific job... our trip to Venice will be remembered as one of the best..."

Event Spectrum for Nissan Canada - "My experience with ITC has been fabolous from start to finish..."

Motivation Excellence for Vistage - "World's largest CEO organization - "Once again, thank you, thank you, thank you for all your efforts in making this program a true success. You are the best and I hope to work together in the future. Many thanks for a wonderful program"

Meridican - "Because of our relationship with Vittorio we were able to glide our large, luxury motor coach right up to the entrance, almost like the Pope himself, or at the very least Vatican VIPs. It was a stellar start for our private tour, all thanks to our relationship with our Italian partners who "walk on fire" http://meridican.com/pope-fiction/"

Maritz Travel - "I know that you already know that ITC is a GREAT company, but I wanted to let you know about an exceptional performance by some of their staff on a recent Lexus program to Milan"

Maritz Travel - "ITC has been great to work with. The restaurant recommendations were great and the drivers were such wonderful people – so professional, accommodating and kind"