What makes Intercontinental Travel Company the best in the business?


Experience is critical in Italy and Intercontinental Travel Company has over 40 years of it. This experience is not just in one city - it spans an entire country. As one of the largest DMCs in Italy, with over 2,000 successful program operations to date, ITC has built an unbeatable history and experience throughout the country. And most importantly, with this experience comes the critical relationships that are necessary to operate successful programs in Italy.

Negotiating Power

As one of the largest DMCs in Italy, Intercontinental Travel Company enjoys a buying power with the best suppliers throughout Italy. Our strength in the business also translates into a negotiating power, which is not always related to the financial aspects of a program, but also to the subjective, essential elements of success.


Even if the history of Italy does not change, there is new in Italy, and Intercontinental Travel Company enjoys discovering and sharing with clients all that Italy has to offer. Italy is a destination to which many guests return time and time again. Our goal is to make the destination exciting for even the most seasoned traveler, while at the same time, sharing with the new visitor all that Italy has to explore.


Intercontinental Travel Company is your partner in Italy, ready to do whatever it takes to achieve success - not just once, but time and time again. Our goal is not one successful program, but rather a long-term partnership. And to help make this true, we have a committed and loyal team ready to make this happen. All of our staff have been with the company for at least five years and work together more like a family than just a team.


Quality is key to our success, and it is never compromised. It is the result of experience, intelligent direction, attention to detail, and skillful execution. Client expectation is quality, and Intercontinental Travel Company delivers the best, always.


Intercontinental Travel Company is deeply committed to our clients and the delivery of memory making programs - a truth for over 40 years now! This commitment is personal and comes from a passion for people and their experience in a country loved by so many. We are committed to people and relationships, not just experiences.


Intercontinental Travel Company is a financially secure and insured business, that consistently provides the best services in Italy. There is security in knowing that you are working with the best in Italy and that is the feeling we deliver.


Intercontinental Travel Company consistently delivers in all that we do. From program creation through billing, you will know what to expect when working with ITC. There is a consistent customer service and quality in all that is delivered. And even if the best is expected, ITC consistently strives to exceed all expectations.